From Monday 28 June, restaurants, bars, clubs, and snack bars will be allowed to continue operating until 2 am, when permitted by the establishment’s license. Establishments whose license requires them to close before 2 am must close at the time set out in the same license. 

Passengers arriving in the country by plane will continue to be subject to travel restrictions, including security clearance checks, while road, rail and water borders can now be entered without restriction by anyone from most of the neighboring states.

As from the 30th June, only fully vaccinated persons can travel to Malta from the United Kingdom. Currently, only the Maltese vaccination certificate is a valid certificate accepted by the Maltese Authorities. As from the 30th June, the NHS COVID Pass Letter will be accepted. As from the 1st July, the EU digital COVID vaccine certificate will be accepted as well.  

Green List

Travellers coming to Malta from the ‘Green List' of safe countries will NOT be subjected to a swab test on arrival. There will only be thermal screening at the airport and persons arriving will be asked to fill a self-declaration form requesting information on their travels in the previous 30 days. Specifically, they will be asked to confirm that they have not travelled anywhere outside the safe countries listed.

Ryanair malta
The 1st painted Malta Air rolled out last night. This is a quick edit on the iPad to share. Higher resolution shots coming tonight.

Ryanair Malta
EXCLUSIVE  The Malta Air Boeing 737-8200 finally breaks cover in a new livery 😱
👉 Ryanair expects delivery of 8 737-8200 jets in April, and another 8 in May, in order to operate these 16 additional aircraft during summer 2021, where 80% of operational capacity is expected.