Passengers arriving in the country by plane will continue to be subject to travel restrictions, including security clearance checks, while road, rail and water borders can now be entered without restriction by anyone from most of the neighboring states.

 347/2021 was published in the Hungarian Gazette at night. (VI. 22.), which amends Decree 408/2020, promulgated on 30 August 2020 and amended several times since. Decree No. on travel restrictions during the epidemiological preparedness period.

According to the current amendment, the above “Regulation does not apply to a person who, except in the case of entry by civil aircraft, is a person who enters the territory of Hungary from the territory of the Republic of Croatia,the Republic of Austria, Romania, the Republic of Serbia, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Slovenia '.

This means that entry into Hungary from the territory of the neighboring countries, except from Ukraine, is unrestricted, ie entry is not subject to security checks, but only if the passenger does not arrive by (civil) aircraft.

In other words, Hungarians and foreigners arriving by air are not relieved by this decree, the well-known rules are still in force, so in order to avoid quarantine they need to present a security certificate, and foreigners are still not allowed to arrive by air. To Hungary.

Update: in response to a question from government information on Thursday, Minister Gergely Gulyás said that the operational staff is proposing border and document control practices for travelers to the country on flights from within the Schengen area. He emphasized that, in order to do so, it was necessary to examine whether those arriving from outside the Schengen area but with a transfer within Schengen could be distinguished from those traveling within the area.

The decree is in line with Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó's announcement last week that border controls reintroduced at the country's Schengen borders last year will not be extended from 24 June.

It is not yet known whether the pre-epidemic order will be restored at Budapest airport from 24 June, according to which passengers arriving from and departing from the Schengen area will not have to pass border and document controls.

Under the current amendment to the regulation, some kind of control will remain certain if we find out the details we will publish it.

It is good to know that according to the consular website, most countries in the world are still included in the list of “countries and territories not recommended for travel”, except for those with which Hungary has concluded a bilateral agreement on mutual recognition of protection certificates. .

These are currently: Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.


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