We fell in love with Malta when we first visited the island country in February 2019. We just went there because we wanted to see the sea before our little girl was born. We didn’t want to take a long flight, so Europe was definitely the destination. In the meantime, it turned out that an old acquaintance of ours had just moved there, so we were able to meet him and we also had a tour guide. Even though we had a terribly stormy weather (Hail is not common in Malta, there was a curfew, the airport was closed, no boats went anywhere. ) to the hospitality of the locals, the fabulous beaches, the azure water and the freedom we could feel there.

We liked the country so much that in a few months, we were just going back 7 months pregnant because we wanted to see even more from this amazing place.


By this time we already had the opportunity to swim in the sea on the beautiful sandy beaches and we also visited for example Gozo on a bus trip. At first we were averse to public transport, but we were very pleasantly disappointed, because when they saw that we were tummy, they immediately handed over the place on the buses, and were greeted with a loving smile everywhere. This was very unusual, because unfortunately it is not usual in Hungary.

During our short stay there, we met Hungarians in several places and decided that we would like to spend a longer time there after the birth of our child to get to know the archipelago better. Unfortunately, the Covid virus overtook our calculation.

The Restart Malta site was created to introduce Malta as one of the most wonderful countries in the world with as many Hungarians as possible, and to help relaunch tourism.

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